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She's back where it all started!

It took some time, but she's happy to be back across the street from her original location.


Over the years we've watched her bounce around from location to location. She was under the overpass on Encinitas Blvd, then she was in Mark Patterson's storage for a year, she moved to Cafe Ipe thanks to Keith Harrison and the owners of Cafe Ipe. Now she stands proudly across the street from her original location so all can view her and the Madonna can watch over and bless all that pass by her.

Now that the Surfing Madonna is back home, the mission of the non-profit (Surfing Madonna Oceans Project) to use the newly reinstalled Surfing Madonna mosaic to raise awareness of issues affecting the world's oceans and beaches starting here at home in North County San Diego.

Through that raised awareness, we hope the Surfing Madonna mosaic will help inspire people to re-think their actions and understand their role as powerful agents of change. Even if it means just picking up a cigarette butt or bottle cap, we all have the capability to create change.

YOU can help reverse the serious degradation currently impacting the world's oceans and beaches.

The results we wish to see are healthy oceans across the globe in our lifetime.

(Photo by Megan McCarthy)

Surfing Madonna Oceans Project logo photo of 29th St. Del Mar courtesy of

AC OceanArtGallery BW LOGO


Surfing Madonna Park Paver Project

To order your personally enscribed brick paver that will be put in the new Surfing Madonna Park:



Bob Nichols
Surfing Madonna
Oceans Project
1106 Second St, Suite 301
Encinitas, CA 92024