Ocean Life Mosaic

Recently unveiled, this magnificent 8ft by 15ft seamless glass mosaic depicting our local marine habitat complete with kelp, stingrays, porpoises, sea lions and more has become an instant iconic landmark for Encinitas! This gorgeous piece of art is on display on the new Marine Safety Center at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas.

“This is a long awaited piece of art” said Bob Nichols, President of the Surfing Madonna Oceans Project. “Our beach community needs more ocean art. This mosaic will have a legend on the side, so children and beach goers of all ages can learn all about what sea life lives just yards off of our shore. We feel if people are educated about our ocean, they will respect and love it more.”

So who were the artists? The concept was developed by President Robert Nichols. The Creative Illustrator was Peggy Sue Zepeda, the mosaic was constructed by Don Myers Stained Glass shop in Oceanside and the 100+ volunteers in the community helped cut, shape and glue the glass down.

Don Myers invited the community to come out and help with the creation of the mosaic! Pictured below are the community helpers learning to make a mosaic!