IF YOU FIND A STRANDED SEAL or SEA LION in Encinitas, please call 760-633-2750. If you are outside of Encinitas, please call the Stranded Network – 1-866-767-6114

Each year sea lions, dolphins, and birds wash up on shore either injured, sick or sometimes for unknown reasons, and without human intervention, these animals would likely die.

Surfing Madonna Oceans Project works closely with Larry Giles, the captain of the Encinitas Lifeguard Department, and one of the main ways we can keep our ocean ecologically balanced is by providing a safe way to capture, rehabilitate and return these animals to their natural habitat.

A portion of the proceeds from our Surfing Madonna Beach Run-Walk was allocated to build a large, non-claustrophobic, breezy container for these injured or stranded animals. They are transported down to Sea World’s Rescue and Recovery department, where they are quickly rehabilitated and released back to their home in or near the ocean. To date, the lifeguards have used this container to successfully save over 200 marine mammals.

We work side by side with Larry Giles, Captain of Marine Safety, to use proceeds from our beach run for various projects along the coast of North County that directly impact our marine mammals.