Each year sea lions wash up on the shores of our beaches either injured, sick, or abandoned, and without human intervention, these animals would likely die. Surfing Madonna Oceans Project is committed to protecting the ocean and all the amazing life within it. One of the efforts towards that goal are marine mammal rescue efforts. We provide North County with large, non-claustrophobic, breezy containers, that Encinitas lifeguards can use to save sick and injured animals and transport them to rehabilitation facilities. At the facilities, the animals are rehabilitated and then eventually released back in to their natural habitat. Surfing Madonna Oceans Project works closely with Larry Giles, the captain of the Encinitas Lifeguard Department, to ensure that these efforts are made in a safe and effective way.

To date, over 300 rescues and releases have taken place. These efforts are an important way we can help keep our ocean ecologically balanced.

IF YOU FIND A STRANDED SEAL or SEA LION in Encinitas, please call 760-633-2750. If you are outside of Encinitas, please call the Stranded Network – 1-866-767-6114