Surf Camp for Special Needs Kids

Surf Camp for Kids with Special Needs

Every summer, Surfing Madonna Oceans Project hosts an incredible surf camp for kids with special needs at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. This program, which is completely free to all participants, is an opportunity for these youths to build their self-confidence as they learn a new skill and have fun! Participants receive one-on-one surf instruction at these camps which happen twice a month from May to September.  For many of the children, surfing is a dream they never thought possible for them. Realizing this dream can be life changing.

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One of our recent participants commented, “Catching the waves makes me feel happy and accomplished because I’m able to do something that is difficult for people to do.” He went on to say that he used to “hate the ocean, and now I LOVE it!”

Participants receive up to 2 hours of a one-on-one surf lessons from a professional surf instructor from Surfin’ Fire Surf School. Water, snacks and wetsuits are provided, and each child takes home an medal and certificate! This is a one-day camp that happens twice every month from May through September.

To date, we have surfed with over 1,200 kids with special needs from San Diego County. With your help, we will be able to create this incredible opportunity for many more.


2020 SURF CAMP will not be happening this summer due to the social distancing rules that have been put in place throughout this summer. Because our surf camp requires super close contact of children, parents, volunteers and instructors, we have decided it would be safest for everyone to wait until 2021. We are SUPER BUMMED as this is our most favorite program of the entire year, but many children that attend the surf camp have compromised immune systems and it would be nearly impossible to surf with any of the children without person to person contact. We wish you all a very safe and FUN summer!

Surf Instructors, surfboards and wetsuits provided by Surfin Fire Surf School
Location: Moonlight Beach, Encinitas
Description: Open to any child with special needs aged 4-17. No surfing or swimming skills required. Each child will receive 2 hours of free surf lessons, goodies, snacks, a medal, and a take home Surfing Diploma.
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